Sunday, March 8, 2009

What is Online Pedagogy?

Before commencing any reading of the course content, describe your current understanding of online pedagogy.

Perhaps consider:

* any theories or philosophies that guide your understanding
* personal experience of online pedagogy, both as a teacher and a learner.

I understand that online pedagogy involves teaching and learning online. I follow Prensky's theories about Digital Natives/Digital Immigrants carefully. I am currently reading "Born Digital" by John Palfrey. Palfrey discusses the impact of the Internet on creativity and learning.

My thoughts ...

The thing here is that many people see the Internet as separate from using computers. In my work many teachers still refer to this area as the subject area for IT. Like it's something to be 'learned'. Actually it's just ICT, a tool for learning like the way we would use a pencil. In my school, there is a lot of support for the use of technology in learning, yet many teachers still think that it is a specialist area.

I consider the use of ICT as an opportunity for opening up connections - amongst students, teachers and outside experts. It enables us to have more time to compare, think and reflect.

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